Pinette Emidecau Industries

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PEI is a SME with 150 years experience in high Tec Machinery. Heavy Mechanical and Hydraulic. Processing and Testing, Stress engineering, Well-known as a leading manufacturer of hydraulic forming presses with capacities from 10 to 10 000 tons, focusing on INNOVATION. Over the last 20 years PEI has evolved into the field of increasingly highly automated solutions including the integration of upstream/downstream own or partner equipments and functions to produce and control high performance COMPOSITE parts (thermosets, thermoplastics, Carbon), PEI supplies CUSTOMIZED equipments for aeronautics, energy (oil & gaz, nuclear, wind energy), automotive and high tec industries all over the world. 25 Mタ company HQR Burgundy (France) Subsidiaries Deutschland USA 80% export 120 tec & engineer.

Sector: Machinery


Year Established: 1863