PowerSeraya Ltd



PowerSeraya Limited is a Singapore-based Energy Company. While our core business is centred on generation and retailing of electricity, we are also fast becoming a diversified Energy Company, which includes supplying utility services such as electricity, steam and cooling water, engaging in oil trading, and producing water through Reverse Osmosis Desalination, for our own use or for sale to our large industrial and commercial customer base. Our core business with a licensed generating capacity of 3,100MW is situated on Jurong Island - Singapore's oil, gas and petrochemicals hub. This location puts us in close proximity to the world's major shipping and oil routes, and extensive fuel storage capacity. Our operations are supported by our corporate office located at HarbourFront. PowerSeraya was spun off from Singapore Power in 2001 to become a Temasek Holdings-linked company. Subsequently on 6 March 2009, the PowerSeraya Group was divested from Temasek Holdings to become a subsidiary of YTL Power International Berhad.

Sector: Utilities

Website: http://www.powerseraya.com.sg/

Year Established: