Process Sytems Enterprise

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PSE ( is the worldメs leading provider of advanced process modelling software and model-based engineering (MBE) services to the process industries. The companyメs gPROMS product is widely used for high-fidelity predictive modelling and simulation of complex process systems to provide accurate information for decision support in process innovation, design and operation. Typical application areas are complex reaction, separation, crystallisation, polymerisation, solids processes, safety systems and fuel cell design, where PSE supplies a range of gPROMS-based engineering simulation and modelling products and state-of-the-art model libraries. gPROMS is applied at all stages of the process lifecycle, from R&D laboratory experimentation though process development and detailed design to online operation. The benefits of model-based engineering are accelerated innovation and reduced risk, leading to optimised process design and operation, increased throughput, product quality and energy efficiency, faster time-to-market, more effective R&D and experimental programmes and better compliance with safety, health and environmental requirements. Results are achieved with relatively low investment compared to alternative approaches ヨ where these exist ヨ with rapid return on investment. PSE serves a global customer base from operations in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and Korea, and agencies in India and Saudi Arabia. gPROMS software is used in some 200 research organisations around the world. PSE won the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award for Engineering Innovation in 2007.

Sector: Technology


Year Established: 1997