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We provide total pump repair, machining services, turbine, field machining and new pumps and parts for industrial companies, predominantly located in the midwestern United States. Our 52,000 square foot facility can take on your largest project. Progress Pump and Turbine Services is expanding our capabilities, with a 35,000 square foot extension to our plant with new new support equipment to accommodate our customer's needs. In addition, we will have a 75 ton crane with a 20 ton auxiliary hoist that will have full access to all 35,000 square feet of our facility. The new facility will have 44 feet of head space below the Crane rails. If at any time, you would like to schedule a tour of our plant, feel free to make an appointment.

Sector: Mechanical & Electrical Services

Website: http://www.progresspump.com/

Year Established: 1973