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Face with the use of excessive energy in addition to continued oil price hike. We need to find the solution by real line on cheaper alternative energy sources. We are the right one capable of meeting the challenge. A major player in its field and the first manufacture of Coal-fired boiler in Indonesia. PT Basuki Pratama Engineering was established in 1981 in the spirit of National development. Supported by more than two decades of experiences, has successfully blazed the trail in a drive tour energy efficiency drive in Indonesia. The company has proved itself to be an expert in the field of engineering, and has successfully created solution by using energy saving products in an innovative and continues manner.As an entity concerning with cost effectiveness, the company has pioneered Coal-fired Boiler and Coal-fired Thermal Oil Heater, a mainstay of recent production, fulfill contemporary customer demands for efficient, low-running cost units that will serve industrial needs for years with minimum maintenance or service requirement. Basuki Pratama Engineering is very proud of its track record in the field of Boiler and Thermal Oil Heater using energy from coal as well as other solid fuel such as rice husk, palm shell or wood waste, etc.

Sector: Oil & Energy


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