PT Lapindo Brantas



Lapindo Brantas Inc. focuses on oil and gas exploration and production in Indonesia, operating under a Production Sharing Contract with the Government of Indonesia in an area known as the Brantas Block in East Java. The operating concession covers 3,042 km2and includes 2 onshore and 3 offshore sites. As a result of ongoing exploration activities, Lapindo Brantas Inc. has discovered that its exploration areas contain potentially high reserves, as in the Wunut gas field located in Porong in Sidoarjo Regency. In January 1999, the Wunut Field was declared a commercial gas field and initial production of natural gas was commenced. The Carat field in the Mojokerto Regency began its commercial operation in 2006 followed by the Tanggulangin field in June 2008. Lapindo Brantas, Inc. currently employs a staff of 77 permanent and contract employees and 142 personnel working for the company through a third party contract. In addition to our continued efforts at capacity building for our staff, Lapindo Brantas has also initiated a series of programs to support a consistent implementation of the Competency-Based Human Resource (HR) Management System. The system is also in line with Lapindo Brantas Inc's initiative to improve HR and business strategies through the constant development of the skills of our human resources. As a means of strengthening and building the spirit, work ethic, motivation and productivity of our staff, we constantly strive to improve the welfare of our employees by providing, among other amenities, annual wage increases, based on performance ratings generated from the online Performance Management System. Equal opportunity is of significant importance to Lapindo Brantas Inc in creating a harmonious work atmosphere and strong sense of teamwork.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1996