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PTT Energy Solutions Company Limited (PTTES), a PTT Group Company, was established in 2011 by four shareholders : PTT, IRPC, PTTGC and TOP with our Vision"To Be a Technical Center of Excellence in Asia-Pacific in 2020".PTTES aims to maximize the value proposition as business partners for supporting sustainability of its clients by providing the technical solutions to enhancing Operational Excellence focusing in on Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemical industries. Our technical service theme is called ?TIPPS? which consists of Technical Capability Enhancement, Reliability and Asset Integrity Improvement, Performance Enhancement, Project Development and Process Safety.Mission .Strive to build Technical capability not only for its own staff but also clients and to centralize multi technical skills and competency capturing in the form of knowledge management through all means of Talent development not limited to training but also focus on coaching with the job assignment. In addition, company also enhance consultancy and leadership skills development and promoting innovation environment in order to lift the service lived form ?Technical Solutions Provider? to ?The Preferred Business Partner? of the Clients. We aim; ? To support customers to enhance operational excellence ? To build Technical capability and centralize multi skills & competency .Core Business .PTTES is formed by it?s shareholders to support the Refinery and Petrochemical Industry to achieve their Operational Excellence targets, by providing the required technical services, in a professional and cost effective way. Our Consultants develop project with Customers through 6D methodology (Discover, Define, Design, Deliver, Deploy, and Develop) to understand what factors drive value for them and deliver a professional service which is not only solve their Technical problem but also provides knowledge transferring to build up Technical capability of the clients for their sustainability.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.pttes.com

Year Established: 2011