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Reagecon is one of the largest producers of Physical and Chemical Standards, Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) & Reagents. Reagecon occupies a unique position in terms of range, scope, breadth and depth of products offered. Techniques, technologies and scientific disciplines covered include Standards, Reagents and Reference Materials for the following: ユElectrochemical Standards ユPhysical Standards ユOrganic Standards ユInorganic Standards ユPhysicochemical Standards ユDissolution Buffers ユPetrochemical/Biofuels ユBuffered Eluents We hold ISO17025 accreditation for most of the Standards listed above. The company also offers the widest range of Standards Worldwide for the following industries/sectors: ユDairy Standards and Reagents ユSoil Standards and Reagents ユWater/Waste Water Standards and Reagents ユWine Standards and Reagents ユPulp and Paper Standards and Reagents ユSugar Processing Standards and Reagents ユPharmaceutical, EP, USP and JP Standards, Reference Materials and Reagents. We believe we are the only producer worldwide to have achieved ISO 17025 accreditation for all of the following fundamental metrological techniques: ユ Calibration of laboratory balances. ユ Calibration of temperature controlled enclosures covering the scope of -196ᄚC to +1200ᄚ. ユ Calibration of single and multi-channel pipettes. ユ The testing of density Standards (0.6407 ヨ 1.0337g 1ml) for use on digital density meters or hydrometer based techniques. Research and Development continues to be a key business driver within Reagecon, our Scientists produce a large output of original technical and scientific literature and are responsible for several publications every year relating to various aspects of analytical chemistry. Reagecon is proud to be a partner company and shareholder in a large German based purchasing company called LLG.This partnership affords Reagecon access to over 60,000 products (laboratory consumables and apparatus) for distribution.

Sector: Chemicals


Year Established: 1986