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Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) is an international market leader that provides high quality living and working environments for industrial and residential communities. With significant experience in providing industrial housing products and services in remote and urban locations across the world in more than 65 countries for over 4 decades, RSHS has cemented exceptional reputation for designing, planning, producing, managing, leasing, and operating corporate housing solutions. We build housing facilities and related infrastructure ヨ on a large scale, to tight deadlines, with quick turnarounds ヨ in remote, rugged areas across the globe, to meet the requirements of multi-national corporations, regional players, and governments. RSHS sets up the infrastructure and facilities required for global companies to house large numbers of employees, including housing units, offices, utility services, telecommunications networks, catering and recreation facilities, from its manufacturing facilities in Saudi, UAE, Ghana, and Malaysia. To support the housing sector with building materials, we offer the highest quality paint and a trained team of professional painters to provide reliable paint application services for medium and large-scale projects in the housing, commercial and industrial sectors. Driven by population growth and macro-economic demand, we are applying our industrial expertise to help narrow the affordable housing gap, globally and regionally by developing high-quality large-scale communities where they are needed most. Our organic and acquisitive growth strategy, partnerships and continuous innovation in technologies and materials will help us to meet this significant demand and deliver urban communities retaining the same commitment to speed quality, and scale that RSHS is known for. We aim to be a positive force for good in all the communities where we operate, and to care about the environments where we work.

Sector: Construction


Year Established: 1976