RMS Quality Co. Ltd



The RMS Group of Companies is one of Thailand's more Specialised Company group providing focused client support in the way of Engineering Products Sales, Construction and Maintenance Service mainly to the Power Generation, Oil and Gas Industries and Petrochemical Plant.Since its inception the company has been dedicated to providing a Quality Engineering Service based on a number of Key Elements. These are as follows :- - To make sure that each commitment that the company enters into is understood and properly controled and monitored in order to ensure that the end product meets the clients expectations. - To apply the best possoble personal resources from all levels within the organization in order that the commitments can be achieved. - To Provide staffs and employees with the correct facilities and tools in order for them to achieve the tasks at hand. - To ensure the safety of personnel through training and monitoring of performance. - To provide the best possible service to our clients at reasonable price.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://rmsthailand.com/

Year Established: