Sewon Cellontech Co.,Ltd



Sewon Cellontech (listed on Korean Stock Market, KOSPI) is a leading korean bio-technology company producing regeneration medicine and medical devices, native collagen, and skin care product. We have developed and provided advanced cell therapy products for cartilage and bone regeneration, and we also supplied various collagen products. It has been marketing the skin care products, NovoSstrata and NovoFill, over the world. Since SEWON CELLONTECH has developed the patented collagen manufacturing, it has been dedicated to serving discerning customers fine formulation for skin with the specialized collagen. The collagen used for NOVOSTRATA and NovoFill is not a general collagen in the market but atelocollagen which is well-known as 100% genuine native collagen while others are structurally changed by extreme conditions. Based on the characteristics of the NovoStrata and NovoFill containing the atelocollagen, it gives much beneficial effects to skin regeneration and anti-aging actions. Moreover, the atelocollagen for cosmetics use is also available from us (Brand : RMS BioCollagen ) which could be better option for raw-materials of cosmetics. The atelocollagen has been listed on the INCI of USA PCPC(Personal Care Products Council).

Sector: Biotechnology


Year Established: 1971