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From its beginning, Socotherm has focused its efforts on obtaining solutions to complex problems, such as providing coating for pipes laid in the Andes at a height of 5,000m or laid more than 2,000m deep offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. These are regular events within Socotherm activities. Such challenges have contributed to Socotherm's prestige and recognition as the leader in the coating application field within the energy industry worldwide. During the last years, Socotherm has exported its products to all the oil markets in the world and has participated in more than 4,000 projects for over 500 customers. The experience acquired in countless offshore projects in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Brazil, West Africa and South East Asia on top of the participation in almost all the onshore Latin American pipelines position Socotherm among the few companies that can offer both deep water and onshore solutions.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1975