Syncrude is one of the largest operators in Canada's growing oil sands industry, with a 50-year history of responsible operations and ongoing innovation.Based in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and with a large research and development facility in Edmonton, Syncrude is known for pioneering many of the technologies used today in the industry, including an expanding suite of techniques to improve environmental and economic performance.Syncrude is also a recognized leader in Aboriginal relations. To date, we have spent over $2.2 billion on goods and services with Aboriginal businesses, and are one of the country's largest employers of Aboriginal people.Current production capacity is 350,000 barrels per day of high quality light, low sulphur crude oil, and cumulative production now exceeds 2.3 billion barrels. Syncrude annually contributes more than $6 billion to Canada's economy through the payment of wages, royalties and taxes and procurement of goods and services.Reclamation is a top priority with over 3,500 hectares of former mine land now restored, and another 1,000 hectares ready for revegetation. To date, Syncrude has planted around 7.4 million tree and shrub seedlings, and is involved in pioneering, award-winning work to reclaim wetlands such as fens.

Sector: Exploration & Production


Year Established: 1964