Techwest Inc.

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TechWest Inflates is an operating division of TechWest Inc. ( A premium Canadian full service Inflatable Packer manufacturer with in-house design and engineering. TechWest Inflates' products includes Injection Production Packers, Inflatable Casing Packers (ICP), Thru Tubing Packers, and Inflatable Straddle Packers. TechWest Inflates provides operators significant value by reducing overall well cost. Our ICP can reduce overall cost by eliminating squeeze jobs or reducing uneconomical water or gas production. In some applications, there is significant improvements in well economics by eliminating primary cementing; perforating and well bore cleanup operations, resulting in lower costs and higher initial production rates. Our excellent customer service, quality products and services ensures that all drilling and completion requirements are met. Our team is able to provide best-in-class technical support for pre-job planning, job execution and post job reporting. This guarantees that the proper inflatable equipment is deployed for the job at all times. TechWest Inflates is committed to providing full technical, marketing and operational support for all projects.

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