Tgt Oilfield Services

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TGT is an international oilfield services provider of behind-casing logging solutions in the areas of Reservoir Flow Characterisation, Well Intergity and Advanced Micro Grid Modelling. Core to the company is strong geoscience interpretation and reservoir study team. TGT designs, develops and manufactures its own equipment. Applied mathematics, physics and engineering are at the core of our technical innovations and development of leading-edge solutions to oilfield problems.The organisationメs roots extend back to over 70 years of academic excellence and R&D efforts and over 15 years of international operations. Our market niche allows TGT to uniquely measure and model reservoir and well behaviour behind several barriers. TGT slickline memory tools enable customers to acquire temperature and noise logs, translate them into useful information, and then integrate this information into their dynamic model for improved decision making, anytime, anywhere and cost effectively. We process raw data through complex mathematical equations and filters to generate solutions that enormously increase efficiency and productivity. Providing our clients with a clear picture of their reservoir and production performance, TGT brings clarity. Our solutions range from what goes on in the wellbore to fluid dynamics and reservoir flow geometry. We help increase ultimate recovery through optimal reservoir characterisation and production management.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1998