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Thailand Thai Oil Marine Ltd., established in 2507 under the company name. Thailand Oil Transportation Co. operates to transport petroleum products by naval shipbuilding company has five new vessels at shipyards Smith Dock England Srivijaya naval vessels, including vessels Mahachai, Thailand Lanna Trai Trueng boat. And ship Suvarnabhumi The total tonnage of 11,500 tons of cargo.Later in 2519 the owner of the company at that time established Thai Oceanic Transportation Company Limited (TOTCO) to expand transportation services for crude oil by ships transporting crude oil increased by three vessels, including tonnage. a total of 261,000 tons of cargo before it shut down in 2526.Then, in 2531 Thailand Oil Company Limited's acquisition of the company. Thailand Oil Transportation Co. and incorporates the assets and personnel of the company. Thailand Oil Transportation Co. He is the transportation of petroleum products (PT) of Thailand Oil Limited , during which time the company had to ship an additional five vessels include ships transporting petroleum products of three aircraft (equivalent tonnage estimate. 15,000 tons of cargo) and liquefied petroleum gas tanker, the second vessel (equivalent tonnage of 1,200 tons of cargo).On 11 August 2541, Thailand Thai Oil Marine Limited. It was founded officially on Thailand Oil Company Ltd has decided to split the Department of Transportation of petroleum products from the division of the company in the year 2545, the Company purchased additional vessels to be able to meet. demand more The ships harbors Tara Which is a petrochemical, shipping, For the petrochemical, shipping, ship's company.Of experience in the transportation of petroleum and petrochemical industries for over 17 years now companies Thailand Oil Marine Ltd., stepping up to the leader in providing a full range of shipping internationally. As fleet support operations of the country's leading groups such as PTT and affiliates Thailand Oil. With a fleet of more than 1,136,220 tons of large transport trucks and boats of various sizes , ranging from large crude oil tankers of 300,000 tons of cargo. To support exploration and drilling ships 120 tons of cargo.The company also continued to expand transportation services for the business as the owner of the ship , the ship management, ship agency and logistics, as well as expand into international sea. As a joint venture Holding company Property Management Company and the Company's current overseas group companies, including seven listed companies both at home and abroad.

Sector: Maritime


Year Established: 1961