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TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems provides high-quality, cost effective, reliable and environmentally-friendly filtration solutions. TIMEX focuses to enhance customersメ productivity by keeping the processes clean and flow. TIMEX is one of the leader manufacturer in the MENA region and located in Ankara, Turkey. A full line of filtration solutions - plastic, steel, disk or thread; manual to fully automatic; filtration levels from 3500 microns to 2 microns. In addition to twenty-four years experience, the production quality of Timex is confirmed by ASME, CE, PED, LLYOD, and ISO 9001. TIMEX filters can be used in a wide variety of oil and gas applications, including: ᄋ Injection water treatment systems. ᄋ Cooling water filtration to protect heat exchangers and bearings. ᄋ Service and utility water filtration. ᄋ Pre-filtration for SWRO desalination systems. ᄋ Filtration of raw seawater for pipeline flushing. ᄋ Waste water treatment systems. We invite you to check our website; www.timex.com.tr TIMEX automatic filters ensure continuous flow without interruption and 100% cleaning of the filter element. Timex automatic filters use less than 1% of the total process water for cleaning.

Sector: Environmental Services

Website: http://www.timex.com.tr/EN/

Year Established: 2008