Tk-Fujikin Corporation

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TK-FUJIKIN has been supplied valves, regulators, gas filters, gas sticks and IGS (Integrated Gas System) of the gas panel through localization of UHP fittings in Semiconductor and FPD applications, which all components had been relied on imported products so far, and also, has well-known company as specializing in parts, that has been recognized as the most vulnerable industry in Korea. In addition, we have established a complete line-up for UHP & GI gas piping materials up to the compression fittings, valves, and canisters(bubbler type) for customized products, and TK-FUJIKIN has strengthened our position and high quality management system together with providing the diversified product range since ownership was changed by Fujikin in 2009. TK-FUJIKIN has been continually expanding the market domains of R & D and manufacturing sectors of various products in applications for not only SEMI & FPD, but General Industry including Nuclear, Hydraulic & Thermal Power, CNG, BIO, Food, Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding, Ocean Plant, Fuel Cell, Pharmaceutical, and Aerospace. TK-FUJIKIN will be renewal again as the parts specialized company globally by providing the total solution on gas piping materials together with customerメs growth in future.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1965