Tractel S.A.S

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Tractelᆴ is a world leader in the manufacture of lifting, handling, height safety and access equipment. Tractel Group was founded in 1941 with the creation of the ingenious Tirforᆴ winch, a pulling and lifting machine which allows heavy loads to be moved with minimum effort. Since then Tractel group has seen significant growth, operating in markets throughout the world. Tractel Benelux BV was founded in 1984 and operates a successful business from our offices in Breda. Our product portfolio consists of many brands famous within the construction and industrial sectors such as the Tirakル electric traction hoist, Miniforル portable hoist, Dynaforル load cells, Traliftル chain blocks, Bravoル lever hoists and blocforル fall arresters. The Tractel Group operates 3 main production sites in: Cologne (Germany), Troyes (France) and Toronto (Canada). Each of these main production sites has its own dedicated R&D department. Six additional production facilities are in Spain, France, Canada, Singapore and China. With a dedicated sales force Tractel Benelux provides its customers with the industryメs most advanced Lifting & Handling solutions to some of the most challenging requests. A fast portfolio of Height Safety products and solutions offer state-of-art protection to anyone who needs working safely at height. Tractel Benelux BV operates through a network of distributors in the Benelux and Denmark.

Sector: Mechanical & Electrical Services


Year Established: 1984