Trim-Lok, Inc

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Trim-Lok, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of PVC push on edge trim, trim-seals and EPDM rubber-seals for 35 years. Trim-Lok was the original company that announced the latest in sealing technology with the Trim-Seal. This multi-tasked part creates a mechanical bond to almost any edge as well as sealing against almost any surface. The seal is manufactured out of ozone and UV resistant EPDM rubber, while the trim is manufactured out of weather- and wear-resistant vinyl. Trim-Lok also manufactures and stocks parts that finish and protect rough edges, seals against leaks, minimize effects of vibrations, and decorative Mylar applications. Trim-Lok has become the leader by developing product lines such as their Flap-Seal and Hatch-Seal which are not available anywhere else in the industry. Trim-Lok stocks a large line of extruded PVC Nitrile tubing to fit your applications. They offer the highest quality PVC Nitrile available in a variety of shapes and colors to choose from. In addition, Trim-Lok manufacturers all products in-house to insure shorter lead times.

Sector: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing & Services


Year Established: 1971