Turkish Elektrik Iletim AS

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In compliance with the general economy policies of the State, TEİAŞ has been activated on 01.10.2001 so as to take over the all transmission facilities in the country and to carry out the planning of load dispatch and operation services. TEİAŞ, being a state owned enterprise under the Decree Law No:233 and within the framework of the existing legislation and Articles of Association, has been acting in compliance with the new market structure depending upon the the transmission licence obtained from Electricty Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) on 13.03.2003. TEİAŞ’s Articles of Association has been approved with the resolution of High Planning Council (HPC) No:2001/T-19 and dated 11.06.2001 and enforced after its publication in the Official Gazette No:24447 and dated 29.06.2001. Basic objective of the Electricity Market Law No:4628 is, for the supply of electricity in a sufficient, quality, uninterrupted, low-cost and environment friendly manner to consumers, to establish a financially strong, stable and apparent electricity market functioning as per special law provisions in competitive environment; to determine the legal, technical and financial criteria of the electric utilities in the portfolio of privatization where private companies would also take part in so-called market conditions open to competition and to ensure an independent regulation and control in such market.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.teias.gov.tr/

Year Established: 2001