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In 1947 Verhoef pioneered with the design and fabrication of aluminium lifeboats. Traditionally built and open lifeboats at first, of which over 5.000 were delivered. In 1961 Joost Verhoef, the founder of Verhoef Aluminium B.V., built and tested the first freefall lifeboat(s) in the world. The design looked very much like a submarine, and went into service on a ship in 1962. It had a freefall height of about six meters, and was made entirely made of aluminium alloys. This new development made right from the start a significant contribution for safety for all seafarers at sea. Already at that time, and ahead of legislation requirements, the freefall lifeboat was selfrighting, which was another improvement towards the conventional design of an open lifeboat, launched by davits. The concept, with the aluminium freefall lifeboat, together with its freefall launching system, became widely recognised, appreciated and awarded by many international authorities. Even when exposed to the most extreme conditions, such as fire or being full of water, the Verhoef freefall lifeboat had proven to be a lifesaving appliance that could withstand the most stringent safety demands. Since then many ships and offshore platforms worldwide have been equipped with Verhoef Freefall Lifeboats.

Sector: Metal Construction Company

Website: http://www.verhoef.eu/gangway-systems/

Year Established: 1947