Vietnam Petroleum Institute



The Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) was founded on May 22, 1978, based on the Petroleum Specialized Geological Division No. 36B of the General Department of Geology.

Over the past 30 years, together with the Vietnam oil and gas industry, VPI has overcome the many difficulties of the post-war period and has grown to become the leading R&D Institution of the Vietnam oil and gas industry and a well established research center for the region. Having specialized research centers for Petroleum Exploration and Production, Processing, Safety & Environment, Technology Application & Transfer, Economics & Management, Laboratories and Archives, respectively, VPI is capable of carrying out innovative R&D projects as well as effectively providing scientific services across the whole chain of oil and gas activities.

The outcomes of VPI’s R&D activities over the years have substantially contributed to the strategic direction of the industry; the assessment of the petroleum potential of Vietnam; the application of state-of-the-art technologies to exploration, production and enhanced oil recovery; the identification of appropriate technology for oil refineries and gas processing plants; resolution of issues concerning petroleum safety and environmental protection as well as petroleum economics and management.

In the coming period, the development strategy of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group is to improve the quality of growth by accelerating development of its core business with action plans focusing on science & technology, human resource development and management issues. Regarding breakthrough solutions in human resource development, VPI is building a learning organization based on the three cornerstone values of “Morality - Professionalism - Intellect”, where human resources are the most valuable assets and will provide the intellectual basis for enhancing the core activities of the industry. Regarding breakthrough solutions in scientific and technological activities, VPI will reinforce its R&D activities and technological application and transfer, expand and strengthen its international cooperation, will develop closer ties between its research, training and business activities and will improve service quality in order to continue to enhance its position as a major driving force for the sustainable development of the industry.

With a firm belief in a brilliant future, VPI is committed to being the Intellect of Petrovietnam.

Sector: Research


Year Established: 1978