Vmc Group, The

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The VMC Group is a manufacturer of engineered shock and vibration isolation systems and seismic restraint devices. We also perform seismic engineering services, being the first company in the industry to be listed as a 'Certified Seismic Qualification Agency'. Accredited by the International Code Councilメs (ICC) International Accreditation Service (IAS) as a Product Certification Agency PCA-127, Third Party Certification Body, The VMC Group is now the first and only product certification agency for special seismic certification of non-structural building components and their mounting configurations. For product certification organizations like The VMC Group, IAS accreditation demonstrates to the marketplace that they have been thoroughly evaluated, operate under best practices and are under continual monitoring by an internationally recognized, trusted and widely accepted accreditation body.

Sector: Mechanical & Electrical Services

Website: https://www.thevmcgroup.com/

Year Established: 1898