Wall Colmonoy

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Wall Colmonoy is a global leader in the manufacturing engineering business focused on helping customers achieve their desired performance ヨ operate more efficiently and be more profitable by enhancing their engineered component. With more than 75 years in the manufacturing engineering business, the teams throughout the global organization have successfully applied their accumulated knowledge for fabricating, surfacing, joining, machining, and casting metal components across many industries. Wall Colmonoy thinks beyond the part and understands what it means to their customers. They realize these parts play an integral role in industries instrumental to our everyday lives ヨ fundamental in keeping airplanes in the sky, glass bottles in production, our food fresh, pumps pumping, nuclear turbines powering, and our transportation greener. Wall Colmonoy has four main capability areas: Surfacing Alloys, Hi Temp Brazing Alloys, Precision Components and Aerobraze Engineered Technologies.

Sector: Mining & Metals

Website: http://www.wallcolmonoy.com/

Year Established: 1938