Worldwide Oilfield Machine



WOM (Worldwide Oilfield Machine), est. 1980, is a family-owned mulitnational company with branches in 5 strategic cities around the world serving the oil and gas industry with unique, innovative, and highly reliable pressure control equipment suitable for high-pressure and extreme temprature environments. Products include, Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Sruface and Subsea BOPs, Choke and Kill Manifolds, Surface and SubSea Gate Valves, Subsea Intervention Systems, Well-Cap Systems, Flowheads, Wellheads, Compact Wellheads, Well-Test Equipment etc. Preferred by the World's Leading Oil Companies, Well-Testing Companies, and Drilling Contractors - WOM has steadily grown from having 7 employees, initially, to over 2600 employees spread around the globe. WOM also provides other services like an on-site crew for installation, inspection, and repair - for both onshore and offshore locations, as well as service techs whenever and wherever needed. For more information - please visit or call any of our locations listed online.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1980