Xcel Surveying (Australia)

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Xcel Surveying provides a specialist surveying and spatial solutions service to the oil & gas, resource infrastructure and building & construction industries. Our company utilises the latest most advanced technology to provide spatial solutions of the highest accuracy and efficiency to our clients. Xcel surveying’s personnel consists of licensed and certified engineering surveyors that have a direct focus on major infrastructure projects and provide a service of integrity and professionalism. Xcel Surveying is a medium sized enterprise that focuses its resources and personnel on a target industry and is able to provide cost effective solutions to our clients due to this specialised service. Combining this with our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work we ensure our clients receive a quality professional service. Our technical personnel consists of • SSSI Certified Engineering Surveyors • Licensed Surveyors • Project Surveyors • Marine Surveyors • Dimension Control Surveyors Contact us today to discuss how our company can add quality, efficiency and value to you construction project. [email protected]

Sector: Construction

Website: http://www.xcelsurveying.com.au/

Year Established: 2008