Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd



Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Limited (hereafter referred to as ?CIMC Raffles?) is an integrated offshore builder capable of engineering, construction and commissioning of large offshore vessels. CIMC Raffles employs nearly 4,000 staff and another 8,000 sub-contracted workers. We have 3 manufacturing facilities in Yantai, Haiyang and Longkou in Shandong Province, People?s Republic of China, occupying a total land area of 1.32 square kilometres. CIMC Raffles possesses comprehensive offshore engineering capabilities and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including the ?Taisun?, the world?s largest gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 20,000 tonnes, a pedestal crane with a lifting capacity of 1,900 tonnes, a 300,000-tonne dry dock and a hydraulic press with capacity of 20,000 tonnes. As one of the largest offshore builders in China, CIMC Raffles specialises in semi-submersible platforms, jack-up platforms and special purpose offshore vessels. Our facilities enable us to build according to a unique construction methodology for semi-submersible platforms, where the deckboxes and lower hulls are built simultaneously on land and mated together using the ?Taisun? crane. This way of construction improves efficiency, safety and quality. A total of 6 semi-submersible platforms have been mated successfully since November 2008.

Sector: Shipbuilding

Website: http://www.cimc-raffles.com

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