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  • Webinar on demand: Scenario Planning for Long Term Decision Making

Webinar on demand: Scenario Planning for Long Term Decision Making

• An overview of the scenario concept • Discuss its growing relevance for the energy sector and • Indicate how scenarios may assist with

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About this course

When developing a strategy or making investment decisions, there will be many uncertainties that need assessment. These can range from cost and timing issues to broader questions at the macro level, for example political, regulatory or social developments. 

A way to get to grips with the latter category is by using ‘scenario analysis’, sometimes called ‘scenario thinking’ or ‘scenario planning’. A scenario in this context is an alternative future: a coherent narrative of a set of developments, trends and events that could unfold within some defined business environment.

What Will You Learn

    In this webinar Henk will cover: 

    • An overview of the scenario concept
    • Discuss its growing relevance for the energy sector and 
    • Indicate how scenarios may assist with investment decisions and strategy development

What are the requirements?


    This webinar will be useful for business leaders, project managers, business development professionals, economists, financial analysts, risk managers, strategy consultants and other project staff. Familiarity with the energy business is recommended.

    The webinar refers to the master class on Scenario Planning for Decision Making in the Energy Industry, scheduled for 11 - 12 December 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. Attendees of the webinar that also intend to participate in the master class may wish to indicate aspects of uncertainty analysis and scenario planning that are of interest to them. Such topics may be touched upon in the master class (if appropriate and possible).  


    Unable to attend the webinar?  Consider e-learning instead! 

    Focused scenario analysis of the business environment, an e-learning course 

    This course aims to develop skills in the application of the scenario approach in situations where contextual uncertainties in the business environment cannot be (credibly) quantified. A scenario can range from a simple script associated with some sensitivities to involved stories around key uncertainties in the geopolitical, regulatory and macroeconomic arena. The objective is to understand how these uncertainties in the end may affect financial and other decision metrics.

    • Target audience: Project economists, decision analysts, financial analysts, project staff, risk managers, strategy consultants
    • Duration: 10-15 hours (including all assignments).
    • Benefit: 60 days access to course and coaching teleconferences for special topics and Q&A.  There are 7 modules consisting of an introductory video, an interactive lesson, assignments and an end of lesson quiz.

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Additional notes to students

What past participants said about his previous webinars?
• “Very interesting for understanding the industrial approach to estimates values of projects”
- Congo Offshore Exploration Project Manager, Eni Congo SA
• “The content of the webinar is clear and easy to understand” – Economist, KPOC

About The Trainer


Henk Krijnen

Consultant decision, uncertainty and risk analysis
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Henk completed a career of 35 years with Shell. His work in Shell took him to Indonesia, Thailand, the United States and the Netherlands. During his last five years in Shell’s Corporate Strategy and Planning department he played a pivotal role in establishing new approaches for risk and scenario analysis within the company. Henk worked in the Business Environment Department, well known for the Shell Scenarios (http://www.shell.com/energy-and-innovation/the-energyfuture/scenarios.html). He was responsible for project evaluation assumptions that was applied across the Shell Group of companies, and as well for the methodologies for the analysis supporting investment decision making. He successfully developed new approaches for project and portfolio risk analysis, implemented company wide, and the application of the Shell scenarios for strategic decision making. He currently serves as Treasurer of the (American) Society of Decision Professionals.