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  • Webinar Series on demand: Reservoir Correlation and Distribution

Webinar Series on demand: Reservoir Correlation and Distribution

This series of 6 webinars will take you through an introduction of seismic and log based depositional sequence and systems tract analysis

Petroleum Geology
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USD 450.00
USD 450.00
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About this course

Understanding reservoirs is key to play-based exploration, exploration prospect maturation and field reservoir modeling. Evaluating your dataset in terms of depositional sequences, systems tracts, and depositional facies and finally - burial history (compaction and diagenesis impact) is a proven method to assess and mitigate the risks and uncertainties of reservoir objectives in terms of presence, geometry, connectedness and property distribution. 

This series of 6 webinars will take you through an introduction of seismic and log based depositional sequence and systems tract analysis, focusing on reservoir correlation and distribution, followed by webinars on depositional reservoir facies of the major environments of deposition, i.e. alluvial, deltaic and deep water. One webinar will look at the effect of depositional texture and diagenesis on reservoir properties. A variety of examples, case histories and exercises will focus on- and demonstrate what we can learn from analysing seismic, log, core and outcrop datasets to arrive at an argued prediction of reservoir distribution and geometry.

The Webinar Series on Reservoir Correlation and Distribution includes the following topics:

  1. Depositional Sequences and Systems Tracts. [Duration: 1 hr. 42 Min]
  2. Seismic, Well Logs and Core in Reservoir Correlation [Duration: 1 hr. 27 Min]
  3. ProPerm Systems and Reservoir Quality Distribution [Duration: 1 hr. 30 Min]
  4. Deltaic Reservoirs [Duration: 1 hr. 30 Min]
  5. Alluvial Reservoirs [Duration: 1 hr. 25 Min]
  6. Deep Water Reservoirs [Duration: 1 hr. 24 Min]

What Will You Learn

    • Understanding how to use seismic and sequence stratigraphy in reservoir correlation to delineate reservoir type, distribution and geometry.
    • Knowledge of how to use Depositional Systems Tracts analysis and well correlation to assess reservoir type, distribution and geometry.
    • An appreciation of the value of integrated geological datasets in reservoir delineation.
    • How to mitigate reservoir risk and uncertainty on both exploration and development scales.

What are the requirements?

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About The Trainer


Maarten Wiemer

Maarten Wiemer Geoconsultancy
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Maarten has over 35 years’ experience as Exploration Geologist for Shell globally. He has field experience in Egypt, NW Borneo, MENA, China, Madagascar, North Sea, Oman and The Netherlands. His expertise includes Seismic Stratigraphy, Reservoir Characterisation, Prospect Maturation, Play Based Exploration and Brownfield Opportunity Screening. He developed and delivered the current course in Malaysia, Bangalore, Singapore, Cairo and The Netherlands.