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Gas & LNG

22 October to 25 November on line course will be held Los Almacenamientos Subterraneos de Gas (Underground Gas Storage).

This course aims to give a global view of the world of Oil & Gas, focusing on underground storage, a subject rarely addressed at times, but present in Spain and increasingly strategic due to the change of global energy priorities.

This course will deal with basic concepts of petroleum geology, geophysics, the Petroleum system, monitoring methods, CO2 management, drilling, etc.

The course is divided into six topics:

Topic 1 gives general overview on underground gas storages, types, natural gas properties, market, and future expectations.

Topic 2 describes project phases for the realization of the underground gas storage, main parameters and properties of a reservoir, reservoir tests, static and dynamic models with example in PETREL.

Topic 3 describes functions and design of a well, types of wells and facilities and all activities from preparation of the land, through the process of drilling and description of drilling equipment and drilling fluids.

Topic 4 describes surface installations such as industrial process and facilities, complementary infrastructures (LNG plants, gas pipeline network, etc) and offshore facilities.

Topic 5 - Monitoring of the gas bubble and seismic control. Definitions and objectives of monitoring,

geophysical methods (seismic and non seismic), establishments of monitoring networks and control.

Topic 6 Storage of CO2:  Technology and development, capture, transport, storage, generalities and similarities with natural gas, feasibility and current experiences.

In these short notes it was impossible to present the whole scope of prepared material, so anyone who can, I recommend to follow the course.

In spite that this lecture is related to Spain, I believe it will be interesting for wider audience. For example, Gas consumption in Croatia has increasing tendency and considering continuous drop of domestic production, storage capacities are important for stabile gas supply in the future. Planned LNG terminal in Omisalj (Island Krk) can play significant role in diversification of energy import not only in Croatia, but for wider region as well.

 Another aspect opened by this course is CO2 management. Anyone who worked in environmental protection, especially regarding air quality, and climate change knows that CO2 isn’t considered as a pollutant, but as the economic parameter, wary significant in business after introduction of Emission Trading System (ETS).  Another economic aspect is that the climate change impacts are considered in practically every serious project. So in spite that CO2 was chosen as closure, probably it will open some of following courses.

At the end, I would like to thank my Mentee Alberto Sanchez Miravalles and other colleagues for giving me a chance to participate in this nice project.

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