Oman Institute of Oil & Gas (instOG)

The Oman Institute for Oil and Gas (instOG) is a joint venture between  Takatuf Oman and Schlumberger Oman. It was launched in 2018 to look  into the training and development needs of professionals in Oman’s  energy sector.

To raise the value of Omani human capital, instOG needed to ramp up  the knowledge, skills and competencies of the talent pool in the  industry, especially among the fresh graduates entering the workforce.

The institute had tapped on our expertise and technology to develop a  robust and user-friendly learning management system (LMS), which  will be able to provide access to interactive learning modules to 100  fresh graduates over a period of two years.

Through the LMS, the institute can achieve its objective of localising  talent as well as empowering the fresh graduate pool through the  identification of skills gaps and provision of competency based training.

Our LMS benefits instOG in various  ways. It helps to:

  • Identify skills gaps and required competencies to close  the gap

  • Support knowledge transfer to localise talent

  • Easily track learner progress and performance

  • Reduce learning and development costs and time

  • Keep the institute up-to-date on compliance regulations

  • Integrate social learning experiences

  • Support fast track learning paths and nano-learning

  • Provide access to an extensive generic course catalogue,  including both e-learning, classroom courses and blended  courses

Courses supported by our LMS:

  • Offshore and Marine

    • Maritime

  • Oil & Gas Business

    • Budgeting

    • Communications

    • Economics

    • Finance

    • Leadership

    • Markets Personnel Management and Well Being

    • Project Management

    • Risk Management

  • Upstream Technology

    • Drilling Technology

    • Petroleum Geology

  • VR Based Learning
    • Rig Safety Awareness

    • Virtual Reality Geological Field Trips

    • Wellsite Awareness