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Arab (Egypt-Jordan-Syria-Lebanon-Turkey) Gas Pipeline

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Location: Syria
lng terminals in india


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The project will see the construction of a 370km pipeline from Aqaba to Samra and Rehab power stations. The Phase two will see the development of the project, for which, Egypt, Syria and Turkey have agreed to extend the Arab Gas Pipeline. The three countries are looking to contract a company to carry out the extension from the Jordan/Syria Border. The first delivery is expected in March 2007. The development plan is to construct a 324km line from the Jordanian border to the Al-Rayan area east of Homs, and a branch to a power plant in Deir Ali. The Project, implemented on three phases aims at transporting and marketing the Egyptian gas to Jordan in its first and second phases, then crossing into Lebanon and Turkey as well as other European countries through Syria in its third phase. The Phase three will see the development a 62 km pipeline between the northern Syrian city of Aleppo and Kilis in southeast Turkey.

Aqaba Samra Al-Rayan East of Homs Deir Ali Aleppo Kilis Arab Gas Pipeline construction
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