Atwood Maco

Created by NrgEdge Staff
Location: Singapore
lng terminals in india


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The Atwood Mako is Pacific Class 400 Ultra-Premium Jack-up unit rated to work in up to 400 feet of water. Attributes of this rig include, 75 feet cantilever, accommodation for 150 persons, three 2,200 horsepower mud pumps, 7,500 psi high pressure mud system, 18 ¾” 15,000 psi BOP, derrick and associated travelling equipment rated to 1,500 kips, and offline tubular/casing make-up capability. The Atwood Mako is capable of jacking with full preload and making in-fi eld moves with drill pipe in the derrick. Atwood Oceanics, Inc. announced that the company has secured a short term contract for its Atwood Mako jackup. The contract is for a period of 70 days and includes a priced option period. Atwood did not release details of the contractor or the country of operation, instead the company highlighted that the unit would continue to work in South East Asia. The unit will mobilise to its new location and begin the contract upon completion of its current contract with EnQuest in Malaysia.

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