Laila Platform

Created by Bob Rashid
Location: Malaysia


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    Oil & Gas

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• Lead and Managed,Strategized & Optimized all the WPB on OPEX,CAPEX and Profit & Loss balance score card for every each quarter KPI matrix presentation & deliberation to Head Of Department,Business Director and Technical Director.Cost saving of USD88million of projects and Corrective maintenance & RAM study were carried out by internal expertist instead of OEM or vendors. • Manage and spearhead for Bokor Phase 1 to Phase 5 Well completion, at Bokor Bravo and Bokor Charlie inclusive of managing Rig Interface.Commissioning on all 11 numbers of Wells such 203 A & B)ESP,205(A&B)ESP,207(A&B),209(A&B)ESP,211(A&B) and 201ESP(LER-A,B & C). • Spearhead and navigate all the commissioning ,FIP,FEED,REJUV and PROJECT & RAM STUDY (EOR) task as per agreed timeline.Monthly updated and discussed with HOD,BD and TD on all way forward predicament at offshore/onshore. • Successfully accomplished production targets by providing frontline the advice for troubleshooting facilities equipment upsets. Provide consulting and advising support to achieve various operations such as rectification, troubleshooting of P1 and criticality of equipment. • Strategically plan and administer all of the Preventive and Predictive Maintenance throughout for all the Disciplines as well as FIP, Rejuvenation projects apprising and consulting. • Lead and spearhead all the finalised data analysis,rectified and troubleshoot the turbo machineries such as RB211,Solar Mar,Taurus,AVON,Caterpillar Engine and Gas Export compressor inclusive of COTP.PLC and SCADA program software, SYSTEM 1 (BENTLY NEVADA 3300 & 3500) and FIRMWARE were performed by in-house experts.

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